What is Microsuction?

Microsuction is one of the safest, most effective methods of cleaning the ear. The wax is removed using a suction machine (like a vacuum cleaner) and a blunt probe under direct visualisation of a microscope or a magnified head loupe and bright light. Although this can be a little noisy, it is usually quick and painless although if the wax is hard, there can be some slight discomfort. Using some olive oil drops 3 days prior to your appointment will help.

The treatment of ear infections is greatly enhanced through the use of microsuction as removing debris helps improve healing and allows more efficient use of medicated ear drops.



The use of cotton buds to try and unblock ears is not recommended as the wax is often pushed deeper into the canal.  This risks injury to the eardrum and the wax can become more difficult to remove.


Ear Syringing is an older method of cleaning out earwax. It is rarely used these days due to the increased risk of eardrum perforation.


We do not recommend the practice of ear candling.

Most people's ears are self-regulating and the ear canal is very sensitive, a lot can go wrong if you shove anything smaller than your elbow in there.