Ear Care Canterbury

Provides a comprehensive range of services and advice .

  • Ear Health checks, assessment, observation of canal and eardrum abnormalities and potential issues.
  • Ear Wax removal using the Microsuction technique, the most gentle and safest method of ear wax removal.
  • Removal of foreign bodies from the ear canal.

Ear Care also can provide basic hearing aid care which includes cleaning, fault finding and advice on the general care of your hearing aid.

We can assist with management of:

  • Earache - This can affect the ear, neck and jaw
  • Ear wax removal - using a gental microsuction technique
  • Swimmers ear (Otitis Externa) - An infection or inflammation in the outer ear.
  • Aeroplane ear – Changes in air pressure in the middle ear that can cause pain or dulled hearing
  • Surfers ear (Exostosis) - This is a bony growth or growths that occur in the ear canal, often caused by repeated exposure to the cold by air or water.
  • Glue ear also known as ‘Otitis Media’ - Fluid that gets trapped in the middle ear, more commonly occurs in children due to the undeveloped Eustachian tubes​


  • ACC provider
  • War Veteran provider
  • No medical referral is required

Ear Care currently has clinics in Rangiora and Amberley and Kaiapoi

Ear Care is available to come to Rest homes and Retirement Villages. Bookings by prior arrangement,

Please phone 020 4124 25 25 or email alison@earcare.nz

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